Our Challenge

A major Canadian credit union was having issues with business member churn.  BeThink was brought on to help redesign the member onboarding roadmap utilizing insights from the field of Behavioural Economics and consumer psychology.


The goal for the engagement was to provide insights into how the onboarding program could be optimized to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction regarding the business account opening process
  • Increase adoption of additional products and services (e.g., through cross-selling opportunities)
  • Decrease customer churn/attrition of business accounts

What We Delivered

We designed a year-long customer journey roadmap that addressed all critical customer and business goals including evidence-backed rationales for each activity.  The credit union experienced a notable reduction in churn and an increase in multiple product adoption across its business member category as a result of rolling out the roadmap.

More specifically, the onboarding program we designed included two fundamental elements.

  • Messaging and scripting to increase customer perceptions of the company as a partner eager to help business customers grow.

  • Optimal timing, frequency and method of omni-channel touch-points during the 12-month roadmap.