Our Challenge

A Future 50 apparel client underwent a drastic digital and cultural transformation when it implemented a new machine learning and AI-powered logistics EAS. The roll-out of this new software platform shifted the focus from a manual to an automated workflow creating the equal potential to either optimize or decrease performance across three departments.

What We Delivered

Over several months, our team developed and delivered three discrete phases to solve the behavioural and cultural issues brought on by this radical digital transformation.

The combination of all three phases produced a comprehensive solution to a multi-dimensional problem. The keystone of this project was a BE-informed strategy that recognized that there were organizational, educational, behavioural and cultural elements that all needed to be addressed to ensure success.

  • Competency Needs Assessment

    A comprehensive analysis of all the necessary non-technical knowledge, skills, and abilities an end-user would need to be successful in the final roll-out.

  • Supporting Critical Behaviours

    Implementing BE-informed strategies, tactics, and tools to support and sustain critical new mindsets and behaviours of both individuals and teams.

  • Capacity Building Solutions

    Develop a series of modules consisting of pre-roll-out education, post-roll-out immersive on-the-job learning experiences, and tactical reference materials.