Our Challenge

One of Canada’s largest insurance providers established a partnership with a credit union to offer a health benefits package to solopreneurs and small businesses. The success of this program depended on acquiring enough customers within the first year to enable them to build a broad and financially sustainable pool.

What We Delivered

Through extensive discovery and consultation with the client’s leadership team, our BeThink teamed researched and designed a BE-informed incentive and marketing strategy.

BeThink identified a wealth of research on consumer decision-making in the health insurance industry. The final recommendation was to offer the potential clients an incentive crafted from a blend of cause-marketing and financial discount.  BeThink determined the ideal quantity of each to create the optimal warm-glow effect to increase purchase likelihood.

  • Increased customer acquisition and sales.

  • Increased referrals by new clients to other potential clients.

  • Increased a shared sense of responsibility among customers to use the plan sustainably.