Our Challenge

A Future 50 apparel client with a strategic priority of inclusion and diversity was planning to extend their size offerings to include “plus-sizes” for the first time. Given the complex nature of communication and customer experience design around the launch of extended sizing, BeThink was tasked with helping design an omni-channel experience where all customers would feel welcomed, supported, and validated.

What We Delivered

Our team dug deep into behavioural insights research as well as consumer identity and psychology research. We crafted a comprehensive customer journey map that delivered a suite of evidence-informed design principles and tactics.  We helped our client gain a deep understanding what makes a customer experience inclusive or not. With this foundation and roadmap, they could move forward in a confident, progressive manner.

Working closely with the client, we focused our energy on designing a CX journey that answered three specific questions.

  • What are the critical moments across the omni-channel shopping experience that need to be intentionally designed?

  • What must be true in the end-to-end shopping experience for everyone to feel supported and embraced?

  • How do we communicate and market to potential customers in a powerful way while avoiding pitfalls other organizations have fallen into when moving into extended sizing?