Our Challenge

Canada’s largest premium personal training company was looking to level-up their already strong customer onboarding process.  With a new leadership team in place, there was an interest in leveraging cutting-edge BE insights to audit and optimize the existing client onboarding process and staff protocols. Their goal was to remain best-in-class in terms of customer experience, retention and referrals.

What We Delivered

Our team utilized our proprietary Ecosystem Optimization Framework in combination with the  ServQual Framework to design an optimized onboarding experience that also addressed the need to level-up staff and create a deeper understanding of the rationale behind the steps of the onboarding process. After a thorough research and benchmarking exercise, BeThink delivered the following three-stage optimization process.

  • Identified and validated current components of the customer onboarding process and staff protocols by comparing them to cutting-edge BE and consumer insights research.

  • Identified gaps in the current process that were not consistent with the best evidence.

  • Generated a detailed suite of specific and practical recommendations to optimize both the client onboarding process and supporting staff protocols.