Team training

Improve your organization’s effectiveness by incorporating Behavioral Economics insights. Our in-person and virtual team training modules will help your team understand and implement BE strategies for decision making, change management, productivity, customer experience, customer engagement, and more.

Executive advising and coaching

If you’re a leader who’s looking for new strategies and tactics to overcome stubborn barriers within your executive team or wider organization, we can help. We support a range of high-performing executives to drive change more effectively by collaboratively exploring challenges and identifying solutions through the lens of Behavioral Economics.

Strategic offsites

Make your next offsite strategic, science-backed, and action-focused by booking it with us! In a one-day session, we’ll put proven Behavioral Economics strategies to work for your organization. Expect to see your team achieve growth mindsets, boost creativity, improve evaluations, and de-bias decision-making.

Noteworthy keynotes

Our keynotes are good keynotes. Instead of aiming to please, we aim to challenge. Stale thought patterns, conventional thinking, and old school methods — consider yourselves warned. We’ll inspire new perspectives, share the insights behind (and the impacts of) the work we do and divulge actionable tactics for solving real-world challenges.

Innovation strategy

Waiting for the next great idea? Wondering if what you have is enough? Book an innovation strategy session and we’ll get our team on track. Our idea generation and evaluation processes leverage science-backed strategies that boost group creativity, de-bias evaluation and decision-making, and get stuck organizations unstuck.


Relationship assessments

Your business runs on relationships. Whether they’re with stakeholders or suppliers, between team members or staff and customers, the importance of great connections can’t be overlooked. Our innovative and intuitive online assessment tool maps and tracks the quality of business relationships. Use it to keep people happy, and business running smoothly.


Book a Discovery Call

If you have other ideas for how we can support and collaborate, book and discovery call and we can discuss together.