Change strategies that meet human and business needs

Employee change management isn’t just a business issue — it’s a human one. And the same can be said for the solution. 

Lasting organizational change starts with effective, behavior-informed strategies. Without an in-depth understanding of unconscious biases and reliable knowledge of how individual and team habits are formed, new mindsets, skills and behaviors won’t stick.

We design cutting-edge change management strategies built around Nobel-prize winning Behavioral Economics research and behavioral “nudge” tactics. We reduce change-related friction, foster forward-focused mindsets, and sustain the key behaviors that make change last. And, we partner with teams like yours, to help you take success from possible to probable.

Change that lasts. Initiatives that succeed.

When it comes to assessing organizational transformation and change management, there are many factors at play— things like organizational structure, financial and social incentives, unconscious biases, and, most importantly, ingrained cultural and behavioral tendencies. 

Without supports in place to help you address these factors, the reality is that change will never be sustained. New processes will be ignored, new technology will be underutilized, new roles will threaten culture, new initiatives will fall flat— and resources will continue to be wasted.

At BeThink, we apply a research-backed transformation framework. We give you a holistic perspective of your employees that identifies the structural and behavioral switches you’ll need to flip in order to see lasting change— and a plan for exactly how and when to flip them.

Find research-backed solutions to real-world problems

By combining Behavioral Economics research with business strategy, we create solutions that meet both human and business needs. We design strategies, services, and change initiatives with the human mind in mind. We help develop, test, iterate, and scale innovations that promote positive behavior change. We can help you leverage insights and establish new behaviors and mindsets that stick.

Give your team a competitive edge

Our approach to employee change management combines a unique blend of Behavioral Economics (BE) insights with modern business strategy. Our process breaks down into four phases:

Needs assessment

We start by developing a validated list of the competencies, mindsets, and behaviors your employees need to demonstrate in order for your new initiative to be successful, which reveals the gap between your company’s present state and ideal, future state. We’ll help you pinpoint, define, and close that gap by putting a firm plan in place to address shortcomings and move you forward.

Behavioral optimization analysis

Next, we use our proprietary Rapid Behavioral Optimization (RBO) process to address any behavioral barriers that may hinder success. Using cutting-edge “nudge” methodology, we also give you strategies, tactics, and tools to support and sustain key mindsets and behaviors at both the individual and team level.

Capacity building solutions

Because our process tends to reveal a skill-gap, we use this phase to make sure your team has the appropriate supports and tools in place in order to succeed in your ideal future state.  We achieve this by developing a series of customized training modules with pre-roll-out education, on-the-job learning experiences, and tactical reference materials.

Implementation support

Our goal is your success, so we won’t duck out before you’re where you need to be. We’ll support your organization as you establish necessary practices and processes, and as you work to sustain the behaviors that will carry your team through the roll-out and beyond.