Our Challenge

A Future 50 apparel client was struggling with onboarding and developing staff successfully within one of their fast-paced and critical departments. The client engaged us to apply cutting-edge BE and professional development research insights and tactics to help them build a world-class onboarding and development program.

What We Delivered

BeThink worked closely with the client’s Learning and Development leaders to define 6 key areas that would define the key knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a new hire to be successful in their dynamic role. Our team conducted a deep-dive evidence review of research on adult mindsets, learning styles and skill development from the fields neuroscience, behavioural science, and organizational psychology.


We executed a Competency Needs Assessment across the department to assess the current skill level within the team across these key domains.  Once the gap between the current state and the ideal state had been defined, the BeThink team combined cutting-edge research insights and design-thinking methods to create a truly world-class employee onboarding and development journey and curriculum. Finally, a sustainment program was rolled out that included ever-greening learning journeys, mentors and buddy relationships to increase retention and ensure the long-term impact and of the program as a whole.