Human solutions to business problems

We’re an insight and strategy agency dedicated to understanding and influencing behavior. We combine cutting-edge Behavioral Economics (BE) research with real-world business strategies. And, we partner with teams like yours— helping you drive innovation and create positive change. 


By leveraging BE tactics and putting its insights to work on your behalf, we can take your organization’s success from a possibility to a reality.

Our Services

We’re experts in figuring out what makes your customers and employees tick. Through customer experience design and employee change management, we provide research-backed solutions to your most critical business problems.

Customer Experience Design

We design omnichannel customer experiences based on what people actually do, not just what they say they’ll do, or what you want them to do. We focus on critical moments that define and elevate customer experiences.
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Employee Change Management

Organizational success depends on adaptability, but the failure rate of internal change initiatives is high. We use BE insights and tactics to reduce change-related friction and support the key behaviors that lead to lasting change.
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Additional Services

We’ll support your success with additional services like executive advising, team training, strategic offsites, innovation strategy, keynotes, and relationship assessments.

Understand behavior, drive action

We’re progressive thinkers and practical doers, just like the teams we partner with. We have academic knowledge, real-world skills, and we work at the speed of business. We rapidly assess your opportunities and obstacles through a Behavioral Economics lens and use our insights to help you drive action and achieve goals. We combine business acumen with academic rigour to identify cutting-edge insights and tactics you can implement right away. We help you cut through opposing opinions and give you a clear path forward— because talk is cheap, but failure is not.

Better insights for better results

Research shows that many of our daily decisions are driven by the fast, automatic mode of thinking that relies on biases, emotions, and social and contextual triggers. These unconscious patterns of thinking and acting are complex, but not random. 

Behavioral Economics is a Nobel-prize winning field that more accurately predicts this type of decision-making and the actions that follow. At BeThink, we’ve developed a unique process that uses BE insights to help our partners better understand their audiences, allowing them to unlock new value and achieve their goals more effectively.

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